Team of Pro. Yandan Lin
--Human Factors Lighting & Color Science Laboratory

30. 实用新型《一种防眩光网格式格栅灯具》

申请号 : CN201621383521.0

申请日 : 2016.12.16

公开(公告)号 : CN206310343U

公开(公告)日 : 2017.07.07

IPC分类号 : F21S8/00;F21V7/04;F21V7/10;F21V17/10;        

申请(专利权)人 : 复旦大学;        

发明人 : 林燕丹;冯阿阳;        


The utility model belongs to the technical field of lighting apparatus and specifically relates to an anti -dazzle optical network form grid lamps and lanterns. These lamps and lanterns include lamp housing, end cover, lighting fixture, fluorescent tube, grid board, bowl, two end cover settings are at this lamp housing's both ends, and two lighting fixtures set up respectively in one side of these two end covers, and the fluorescent tube is being fixed within this lamp housing on this lighting fixture, the grid board just is located this fluorescent tube below on the casing, the bowl sets up between this lamp housing and this fluorescent tube, and the smooth direction that moves towards this grid board of sending the fluorescent tube reflects. The utility model discloses in, the light that the fluorescent tube sent passes through the grid board carries out the secondary grading with the bowl, can reduce glare index effectively, is suitable for public places such as school to lower power has, and it is energy -concerving and environment -protective. Simultaneously, when trading the fluorescent tube, pull down end cover on one side, just can push the grid board or pull out, be convenient for equipment and dismantlement.