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--Human Factors Lighting & Color Science Laboratory

28. 发明专利《一种带有反馈功能的参数可设LED调光调色系统》

申请号 : CN201610667151.1

申请日 : 2016.08.15

公开(公告)号 : CN106068050A

公开(公告)日 : 2016.11.02

IPC分类号 : H05B33/08;        

申请(专利权)人 : 复旦大学;        

发明人 : 林燕丹;李浩然;


The invention belongs to the technical field of LED lighting, in particular to a parameter-adjustable LED dimming and color matching system with a feedback function. The parameter-adjustable LED dimming and color matching system comprises a smart phone, a control system and a lighting system, wherein the interior of the lighting system is divided into a plurality of channels; an LED module and an LED driver are arranged in each channel; all the channels are controlled by the same control system; the control system comprises a single chip microcomputer, a D/A converter, an amplifier, a power supply module, a communication module and a light color parameter detection module; each LED module comprises an LED chip and a heat dissipation system. The structure is simple; a mobile phone APP can be connected with the lighting system based on WIFI communication; the use is convenient. The parameter-adjustable LED dimming and color matching system can calculate the brightness values of all LEDs participating light mixing according to the spectroscopic data of the LEDs participating light mixing and the color parameter of target light; controllable light color parameters include color temperature (or color coordinate), brightness and color rendering index, can be used in lighting in various occasions, can simulate different light environments conveniently, and can carry out the experiments of biological effects of light.