Team of Pro. Yandan Lin
--Human Factors Lighting & Color Science Laboratory

Pro. LIN LAB Patents List

1     CN201110044114.2       Glare dynamic evaluation system

2     CN201110044189.0       The invention relates to a method anddevice for suppressing and eliminating leakage current of a transformerlessphotovoltaic grid-connected system

3     CN201110043945.8       Dark vision protection system and lightenvironment monitoring method for cockpit pilots under quiet and dark flightcondition of an airplane

4     CN201110059778.6       Integrated control system for scenelighting based on fuzzy control technology

5     CN201110061019.3       A kind of free-form surface lens for LEDprimary package and its design method

6     CN201110124588.8       The device and method for detecting thefault hazard of photovoltaic plate based on wireless communication

7     CN201210323889.8       Maximum power tracking method and deviceof photovoltaic cell module based on knee point equal power method

8     CN201210499056.7       A method for controlling a desaturationdetection protection circuit in a T-type three-level inverter

9     CN201310155965.3       A DC fault arc detection method forphotovoltaic system using multiple criteria

10    CN201310342911.8       A design method for a four-channelhealthy LED lighting system

11    CN201510387368.2       A design method of a security interfacedevice for semi-physical simulation

12    CN201710203506.6       An image-based spatial stereo anglecalculation method

13    CN201710734001.2       Ship navigation lights installationaccuracy adjustment method

14    CN201710733987.1       Rapid inspection system and inspectionmethod for navigational light distribution

15    CN201710777866.7       The invention relates to a highlyreliable pulsed bright light beauty equipment and a control method thereof

16    CN201810017042.4       A kind of combined active/passivedetection method for detecting DC fault arcs in photovoltaic systems

17    CN201810028162.4       A kind of lens type LED blackboard light

18    CN201810134453.1       A lighting environment system and itscontrol method for high yield cultivation of northern cordyceps

19    CN202010105522.3       A dynamic light control method forcontrolling at least one adjustable lighting parameter

20    CN202010966177.2       A kind of high quality single phase fullspectrum phosphor for health lighting LED and its preparation method andapplication

21    CN202011263497.8       An active braking system for vehiclesbased on multi-sensor fusion

22    CN202011282508.7       A high beam lighting device, lamp andvehicle

23    CN202011282495.3       An automotive headlight system and lamp

24    AU2021105348A    Lens Type Light-Emitting Diode (LED)Blackboard Light

25    CN202211591186.3       Method, system, apparatus, and medium forquantifying parallax fatigue in a HUD display system

26    CN202111222009.3       Ambient light evaluation method andsystem based on human eye visual perception

27    CN201520062816.7       A kind of LED desk lamp

28    CN201520062726.8       A kind of LED blackboard light

29    CN201520062786.X       A kind of straight down LED light sourcepanel light

30    CN201520367885.9       A kind of security interface device for asemi-physical simulator and a controller under test

31    CN201610667151.1       A parameter-settable LED dimming andcolor-modulation system with feedback function

32    CN201621383328.7       A smart lighting device with braceletfeedback

33    CN201621383521.0       A kind of anti-glare grid format grillelamps and lanterns

34    CN201621383965.4       A feedback lighting device with smartwearable devices

35    CN201721113276.6       A kind of highly reliable pulsed stronglight beauty equipment

36    CN201820046248.5       A kind of LED blackboard light

37    CN201820325791.9       A reflective LED floodlight

38    CN201821857269.1       A portable eye level illuminance recorder

39    CN201821877984.1       A driverless vehicle driving controlsystem with variable headlights

40    CN201821934384.4       A head-mounted emotional interventiontherapy device

41    CN201822161617.8       A reflective LED signal light

42    CN201920826084.2       A kind of LED flood light

43    CN201920870733.9       A kind of LED three-proof lamp

44    CN202022308489.2       A kind of arbitrary frequency flashmodulation device

45    CN202022428719.9       A kind of uniform light hair growth andhair care helmet

46    CN202221661350.9       A kind of ultraviolet disinfection devicefor handrails

47    CN201730316579.7       Handheld skin care device

48    CN201730419230.6       Portable beauty instrument LCD screen