Team of Pro. Yandan Lin
--Human Factors Lighting & Color Science Laboratory

Colour preference varies with lighting application

Yandan Lin, M Wei, KAG Smet, ATsukitani, P Bodrogi, and TQ Khanh. Colour preference varies with lightingapplication. Lighting Research & Technology, Vol.49(3): 316-328, 2017


Numerous efforts have been made to investigate how to characterize the effect of light sources on colour preference. This paper describes a psychophysical experiment to compare the colour preference evaluation among three sources for different lighting applications. Three lighting applications – restaurant, retail display, and supermarket – were created in two side-by-side full-scaled rooms. It was found that the colour preference varied with the lighting applications. Although none of the existing single-value measures can predict the preference for all three applications, a single measure is necessary for general consumer use given a careful definition of general lighting. In addition, lighting application specific measures could be useful for lighting professionals and experts. To provide detailed information, a colour distortion icon, with improved test colour samples will be useful.