Team of Pro. Yandan Lin
--Human Factors Lighting & Color Science Laboratory

Health Lighting
Visual ergonomics
Automotive lighting
Theory study

Upgrade Lighting Environment for School Classrooms

Special Project of the Shanghai Municipal Education Committee

Improvement of classroom lighting environment

1. Establish standard for classroom lighting

2. Upgarde lighting environment for 50,000 classrooms

3. Create health lighitng products

Research on Characteristic Index and Evaluation Model for Health Lighting Quality

National Key R&D Program of China

Collect factors of light quality that influence health, and pick up characteristic index

Obtain evaluation model for health lighting quality

Research on Health Mechanism of Bedside Lamp and Product Design

Lighting Design for Health Office

Consider physical and psychological effects of light quality on human, and understand

the relation between health and light environment.

Give the proper lighting strategy according to practical application.

Glare Analysis of Driver's Cab of Boston Orange Line

Effect of glare on pilot at night

1. Lighting ergonomics for cockpit

2. Illumination scenes for passenger cabin

Research on Visual Ergonomics for Commercial Aircaft

Special Program for China Commerical Aircraft

Immersive flying simulation system

Cab model of Boston line

Image interference

1. set up cab models and analyze simualtion results

2. establish cab evaluation system and theory evidence

3. give solutions to lighting pollution

Picture of cockpit

Illumination system test platform

Self-adaptation lighting system

Interactive-projection technology

Strategy for Smart Headlamps of Benz E-class

From virtual to reality: give projection to road, and display traffic and speed information through accurate control of headlamp

Relation between Lighting Spectrum and Object Appearance Satisfaction

Experiment sence

1. compared to lightless environment, sleep under light environment would fasten heart beat, excite the nerve and cause sleep disorders.

2. compared to those in bright room, people who woke up in dark condition were harder to awake

Uncomfortable Glare Evaluation Model of LED

Effects of Light Exposure on Sleep Quality and Health Conditions of the Young and the Old in China and Japan

Preference of skin colors under different lighting sources